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Old 22nd September 2018, 08:37
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The wheels fell off down in Tassie on friday morning.
An initial ATSB R0-2018-014 report indicates that the Tasrail Railton Cement train was derailed intentionally in Devonport yard.
The brief report infers that the train was being loaded, and departed accidentally.
If so, then the cement train ran unattended for 22 kms north from Railton to Devonport yard.
The route is generally down hill with a short rising 1 in 60 grade on approach to Devonport.
A number of level crossings exist along the route.
The Railton cement train is Driver Only remote control operation.
The driver performs the loading at Railton and unloading at Devonport, utilizing the remote control belt pack system.
The brief report does not indicate what locomotive was being utilized.
A dedicated DQ class G22C unit 2011 worked this service for many years, but the recent TR class PR22L units have also worked this train.
The DV 1 modified Y class shell being utilized at the southern end of the train for the driver to ride in that direction.
But, DV1 has recently been retired from service and replaced with the shell of a modified DQ class.
Part of the DOO regulations for this service require the driver to perform a Vigilance radio test with Train Control.
The belt pack being able to initiate an emergency alarm and also emergency brake application if necessary.
The brief report indicates that the driver notified Train Control when the train departed WITHOUT him.
Points into a dead-end were operated in Devonport yard to intentionally derail the train.
Two persons were injured during the derailment.
I will definitely be awaiting more detail about this incident from the ATSB.
During my three year period of exile working for PNT in Tassie, the Railton cement train was a contentious issue with the union.
The DOO shift for that job being a whopping 12 hour shift.
The Devonport drivers being on a different Enterprise Agreement to the rest of the PNT drivers.
The railton cement train operating in numerous shuttles back and forth during the 24 hour period.
I am not sure just what EA conditions the current Tasrail operation of this service would be.
If the driver was unable to control the movement of the train, this infers that the remote radio system had failed.
I will eagerly await the publication of the final report, which should make for entertaining reading.
Don't get me started on that Hollywood flick.

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Old 24th September 2018, 11:54
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Originally Posted by aussiesteve View Post
Don't get me started on that Hollywood flick.
Easy tiger, it's got Denzel and Chris in it...so I'm sure that all the facts in are exactly right !

Hi Steve - only kidding. With regard to the runaway you mentioned, I'm sure we've all had to carry out Standard Operating Procedures that we knew were flawed. You just hope that it's somebody else who 'catches it' when the house of cards collapses.

Speaking of which, I have a horrible feeling that we're gonna have a high speed derailment over here sometime soon, due to rough riding, but I'll say no more than that. If I'm unfortunate enough to be the one in the chair when it happens I shall be shouting loudly and waving my 'stay out of jail' (ASLEF) card at the Safety Police who have ignored our warnings.

Always assuming I live through the experience.

So nothing changes on the railway.

Best wishes, BW
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Old 25th September 2018, 09:05
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G'day BW,
Yeh, the Tassie rail incident has caused some interest.
The Driverless Metro is still scheduled to start rattling in smog hollow next year.
Tasrail management were VERY quick to publish media that they DO NOT operate driverless trains.
I have now squizzed some photos of the incident and can constumble why some people were injured.
The dead-end where the train was derailed in Devonport yard extends past a foot crossing access to the cross river ferry boat.
A TR class loco rather crumpled along with the cement hoppers.
I would also be curious to discover just how the points at Railton yard were aligned.
Was the cement train about to depart ?
Tassie police cars chased the run-away train as best as possible to warn motorists and pedestrians at level crossings.
The ATSB final report is not scheduled for possible publication until late next year.
So, it will be a long wait to discover the full details.
Tasrail have suspended remote control operations.
So, when the cement train starts percolating again, it will require a two man crew.
One bloke to drive while the other loads and unloads the hoppers.
Yes, nobody wants to be involved with any rail incident, especially a high speed incident.
One just hasta keep the faith.
As with airline prangs, there are thousands of aircraft and trains percolating around the globe.
You hafta be very unlucky to be involved with any sort of incident.
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Old 9th November 2018, 04:36
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Posts: 259
Images: 146
The ATSB have released a preliminary report about the Railton cement "unstoppable".
Video and audio clips are also available.
I have saved all to me usb stick and can't wait to hoof home and view and earwig the details.
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