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Steam on the Main South

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Old 17th August 2018, 06:31
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Steam on the Main South

Finally, the TAA (train alteration advice) has been published by ARTC mob.
So, the proposed rail cruise from Sydney to Albury and into Victoria is now confirmed.
Details of the proposed soot belcher are not granted in the TAA.
But, according the the rail cruise web site, the "monster" AD6029 was the proposed participant.
The steam component of the cruise within NSW being from Goulburn to Junee and then return.
The TAA infers that two trains will operate.
The actual rail cruise, plus an additional train from the NSW Rail Museum.
The facets of this rail cruise south of the border in Victoria are not included in this TAA.
Anyhoo, a bloke might hafta consider a trek down to Goulburn to chase this thing south to Junee.

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