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Aussie soot belcher 6029 some news

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Old 24th March 2018, 05:56
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Aussie soot belcher 6029 some news

From a press release, the fate of ARHS Canberra soot belcher Beyer Garratt 6029 seems a tad more certain.
A number of tours with the 4-8-4+4-8-4 have now been proposed.
Including the possible attendance to the Maitland Steam Fest at Easter.

" Prized steam engine’s new owners to keep Garratt at NSW Rail Museum.
The former pride of the Canberra Railway Museum’s heritage fleet, the Beyer Garratt 6029 locomotive, is now in private hands and will remain at the NSW Rail Museum in Thirlmere.
The new owners of the locomotive, formerly known as the City of Canberra, have struck a one -year storage and use agreement, with options to extend, with Transport Heritage NSW (THNSW) and the NSW Rail Museum.
The locomotive had not been included in the August 2017 auction of ARHS assets that reportedly raised about $500,000 less costs, and it had been hoped that 6029, the largest operational steam locomotive in the Southern hemisphere, would be retained in what was left of the Canberra Rail Museum fleet, but it was put out to tender the next month.
It is believed a local consortium had been the preferred bidder but had fallen short of the amount needed to acquire 6029.
THNSW and the NSW Rail Museum announced the agreement on 28 February and the iconic locomotive was on display at Thirlmere’s Festival of Steam on 3-4 March.
“She makes it back to Steamfest, but no longer as the City of Canberra. The staff at Canberra Railway Museum are missing out on the crewing of that train. We all miss that week away. It was always the highlight of volunteering at the Museum. It is all now just memories, never to be repeated,” the post reads.
The ARHS Canberra division went into liquidation last July after the failure of a freight business designed to finance its restoration and heritage work. It had racked up more than $700,000 in debts.
Given the complexity involved with operating heritage trains within a modern-day rail network, THNSW has the necessary in-house skills expertise and facilities being one of only a few fully accredited heritage train operators in NSW.
Thirlmere was the best outcome for the Garratt."

I am not attending the Maitland Steam Fest this Easter.
Been there and dun that in 2016 when four puffer billies stomped around belching soot and cinders, including 6029.
But, I may attempt to catch it for the proposed Blue Mountains soot belching event in May.
No details have been released at this stage in regard to any tour events.
PS, I am wrong.
Attacking the ARTC web site just now, the TAA for the Maitland Steam Fest has been released.
TAA, no not Trans Australia Airlines.
Train Alteration Advice, the current moniker for an STN (special train notice).
6029 and 3642 will be attending Maitland at Easter.

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