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Italy train crash: Two dead in high-speed derailment

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Old 6th February 2020, 08:29
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Italy train crash: Two dead in high-speed derailment

Two people have been killed after a high-speed train derailed near the northern Italian city of Lodi, emergency services say.

Both of the dead are thought to be drivers. At least one person, a cleaner on the train, had significant but not life-threatening injuries.

The train was travelling from Milan to the southern city of Salerno.


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Old 6th February 2020, 10:10
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Thanks for that Phillip.

Originally Posted by The BBC News website
It apparently hit a freight wagon on a parallel track before running into a building and was separated from the rest of the train. Both it and the first carriage turned on their sides.

Ansa news agency said maintenance work was being carried out on the track where the accident happened.
Too soon to draw any conclusions....but Ugh.
"It looks like we're going have to play at being poor for a while". (EE Nesbit).
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Old 6th February 2020, 17:54
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180 mph ... frightening
Hindsight is what you see from the guard's van
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Old 10th February 2020, 02:11
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Some photos and comments suggest after track work on a set of points that the points were not set correctly.
I gather that the points are high speed due to a moveable frog.
One wonders about the associated signalling.
Will hafta await the accident report to glean details.
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