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Residential railway stations

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Old 17th February 2019, 05:53
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Residential railway stations

Last nite I was viewing a 2014 episode of Escape to the Country on late nite tv.
I was stunned to see the "mystery house" being an actual railway station.
Clairsdale (?).
Apparently within a park and frequented by hikers and tourists.
The station buildings being a private residence.
Though rail services continue to stop at the station which appears to be unattended.
There are a couple of Aussie railway stations being utilized for alternate purposes, including residences.
Rydal station for one, being in the Central West of NSW region, is a private residence with BnB business.
I am wondering about platform security at such unattended stations.
Here, fencing must exist to prevent public access to a platform where the buildings are utilized for business, eg restaurant.
Fencing must also exist to prevent public access to the track at ground level.
Unless there is a dedicated pedestrian crossing provided.
Rydal station does possess fencing, but as rail services continue to halt, platform access for passengers is provided.
Wallerawang station is utilized as a restaurant with seating on part of the platform.
The fence surrounds the restaurant preventing any public access to the rail side of the platform, trains no longer halting.
In a couple of instances, the track has been slewed away from the platform at stations now utilized for other purposes.
Even so, fencing exists to prevent public access to the rail corridor.
Had the NSW government adopted the full recommendations of the 1980s Booze, Hamilton & Allen (USA) report, there would be NO NSW country rail services remaining.
As it is today, only express regional rail services continue outside of the Greater Sydney Metrop region.
Many regional services being provided by bus.
It is rare for the bus stop to coincide with an actual railway station.
We possess a number of NSW regional railway stations that only serve as a storage facility for maintenance materials.
Old railway stations can exude character and charm.
But, I don't think that I would enjoy residing at a NSW railway station where freight trains thunder past during the nite time.
Shake, rattle and roll.

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