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Christmas Sussex Belle 26/11/19

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Old 8th November 2019, 20:40
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Christmas Sussex Belle 26/11/19

The Railway Touring Company is running it's usual pre-Christmas Sussex Belle railtour from London Victoria to Eastbourne via Haywards Heath & Lewes, with a return via Hastings and Tonbrige on 26th November.
Recently, the advertised loco had been ex-LNER A4 pacific No.60009 'Union of South Africa' which would have been a real first for this part of the Southern network. I had my suspicions that gauging might be a problem, and unfortunately the RTC's website has now changed the rostered loco to ex-LMS Black 5 No.45407. I don't know if this is due to gauging problems with the A4 and in any case, I'll still turn out to see 45407!


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Old 7th June 2024, 11:41
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It's always exciting to see historic locomotives in action, and while it's disappointing that the advertised locomotive for the Sussex Belle railtour has changed, ex-LMS Black 5 No.45407 is still a fantastic sight to behold. Gauging issues can indeed sometimes impact the choice of locomotive for specific routes, but regardless of the change, witnessing a steam locomotive in action is a special experience. Enjoy the railtour and the opportunity to see No.45407 in action!

Grelina hormon głodu
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