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Old 13th February 2018, 21:45
RogerFarnworth RogerFarnworth is online now  
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Hello, I have just joined the forum. I have a range of railway interests from full size UK standard gauge and narrow gauge, French metre-gauge railways and modelling in N gauge. I have my own blog which is focussed at present on the metre-gauge railways of Provence.

If members are likely to be interested, I can post a series of links to the work I have been doing.

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Old 14th February 2018, 09:08
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Hi Roger and welcome to RF, we hope you enjoy the site. Feel free to join in where ever you wish.
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Old 14th February 2018, 13:58
G6 UXU's Avatar
G6 UXU G6 UXU is offline  
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Hello Roger and welcome to the forum, enjoy and all the best.
Chris G6 UXU Station Manager.
truckandbusforum.com birdforum.net
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Old 14th February 2018, 19:42
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Hello Roger and welcome to the Railway Forum.
The Old Git, Syd
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