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Recovery of Loco 66734 derailed by a landslide at Loch Treig in June 2012

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Old 19th November 2021, 22:44
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Recovery of Loco 66734 derailed by a landslide at Loch Treig in June 2012

Interesting video showing how class 66 loco 66734 was stripped down on site after being derailed and coming to rest on an embankment.


PS It is possible to change the playback speed on you tube videos, reducing the speed may make the sequences easier to watch, albeit the video takes longer to play.



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Old 21st November 2021, 20:11
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Glad to see that there were no accidents or incidents, apart, that is, from a Class 66 down an embankment.
The Old Git, Syd
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