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British Transport Police - Rail Enthusiasts

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Old 16th August 2011, 08:54
Dave Rowland's Avatar
Dave Rowland Dave Rowland is offline  
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Originally Posted by TIMEPLANE View Post
Count me in!! Always a pleasure to help "The Bill" on the railway!
Me too. It'll make a change to be considered as an aid, rather than a problem on stations. I've always been as helpful and unobtrusive as I can ever since I can remember. At Reading in 1986-ish, I ran around the station like a lunatic in order to get two girls apprehended - they'd stolen a bloke's two suitcases when he used the phone box on Platform 5. We CAN be useful!

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Old 24th August 2011, 08:10
keith morgan keith morgan is offline
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I agree with previous comments, this idea should go national. Railway buffs are already equiped with observational skills and realise when a situation is suspicious or not right.
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Old 30th October 2011, 13:55
Hullpacerfan1984's Avatar
Hullpacerfan1984 Hullpacerfan1984 is offline  
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What a brilliant scheme if it was a nationwide thing i would definitely sign up for it
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Old 30th October 2011, 19:57
colchesterken colchesterken is offline  
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Seems to have gone off the radar

is it still going to happen if so any idea when

I think it will give us credibility when hanging around stations
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Old 31st October 2011, 00:24
class48nswfan's Avatar
class48nswfan class48nswfan is offline  
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Location: York
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Let me know if this is extended nationally as I am in York.
Its a good idea and would improve the standing of responsible rail enthusiasts with the rail industry.
Is there anything we on this forum can do to help move this idea along?
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