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hello from portugal

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Old 30th April 2020, 15:18
chezza chezza is offline  
Join Date: Apr 2020
Location: algarve, portugal
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hello from portugal

Hello! My dad , who used to be a keen train spotter, has left me a pocket watch.
Im convinced it must be an old train pocket watch as he only really collected train memorabilia. Is there anyone out there who would be able to confirm? I have a photo which ive managed to attach. Grateful for any help. regards
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Old 30th April 2020, 18:50
G6 UXU's Avatar
G6 UXU G6 UXU is online now  
Station Manager
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Hello chezza and welcome to the forum from all the staff, sorry I can not help you with the watch but enjoy the forum and all the best.
Chris G6 UXU Station Manager.
truckandbusforum.com birdforum.net
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Old 30th April 2020, 19:19
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DSY011 DSY011 is online now  
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Hello chezza and welcome to the Railway Forum. I used to work from Rhodesia Umtali down to Machipanda in P.E.A on the Rhodesian Railways. I was given a watch by a railway worker in Machipanda by a worker at the fuel pumps, who I got to know quite well. He told me it was a railway issued watch, and had CFM printed on the face. I don't have it anymore but it did not look like your photo.
The Old Git, Syd
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