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A scare for the commuter train hogger

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Old 31st July 2020, 06:31
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A scare for the commuter train hogger

The latest accident investigation being conducted by our ATSB concerns a collision on the Illawarra line in southern smog hollow.
Basically a side swipe.
Thankfully no injuries, but would have been a scare for the commuter train hogger.
HMMMM, the PN loco being OUT OF GAUGE.
We will hafta await the report to provide greater details as to what the locomotive was.
But, as mentioned to be the third loco filter compartment door swinging open in the breeze.
NR class GE things normally work PN interstaters.
One would imagine that the catwalk handrail would prevent a hood compartment door from swinging fully open.
The PN freighter working north from Wollongong to Brisbane.
Loftus just south of Sutherland is the home of the SPER, smog hollow tram museum.
I am not sure what the actual commuter train set was.
Tangarbages, Oscars and Millenniums, as well as some vintage V setters work the Illawarra.
Or, did.
I have not been down that way in yonks.
SO, BW, beware them dastardly freighters lurking out there trying to snot the front of yer commuter train.

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