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Reopening Exeter/Okehampton/Plymouth line

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Old 14th November 2014, 11:55
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Of course if Dawlish was breeched again in the not too distant future the Government might have to do something!

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Old 23rd November 2014, 17:13
paul mercer paul mercer is offline  
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Originally Posted by Tony View Post
Wasn't the Tavistock line mainly single track with passing places and single line tunnels? How much would it cost to rebuild it to modern standards as a double track line which is needed? With our wonderful dithery politicians with their lightening quick decision making, how long would it be before completion? (After the requisite planning enquiries and judicial reviews).
No, the old Southern route around Tavistock was always a double tracked main line, the only bit that BR eventually reduced to single track was Meldon viaduct. The Network Rail estimate of 780 million was to reopen as double track, but obviously a single with passing loops would be much cheaper - far less than up to 2 billion to bore tunnels under South Devon for the existing GW line!
The Transport Minister visited Okehampton a few weeks ago by a special train so out hopes are high that he might approve the reinstatement- fingers crossed!
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Old 23rd November 2014, 19:50
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Our government seem set on sticking with the same old, same old!! They recently announced a multi-billion project to upgrade our roads! Really? Why not invest that money in upgrading our dilapidated railways? Surely the vision for the future has to be with "mass people transport" that is both economical and efficient! (electrify all railways). Reduce the amount cars and freight on the roads, and improve our railway systems.
What is so difficult about that??? Europe has done it.
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Old 24th November 2014, 15:39
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Here in Spain there are several High speed lines (AVE) being built, the local one being Alicante to Cartagena which have involved major bridge and tunnel works, all paid for by the E.U. Why can't the British Government get any of these E.U. funds? In the last 15 years the road and rail infrastructure of Spain has been transformed whereas in the UK the authorities squeal that they can't afford to fill potholes!
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