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India engineless train rolls back for miles

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Old 9th April 2018, 10:27
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India engineless train rolls back for miles

Seven employees have been suspended after 22 carriages carrying 1,000 passengers detached from a train and sped backwards for 11km (seven miles) in the eastern Indian state of Orissa.


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Old 10th April 2018, 07:50
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Yes, this does boggle the brain.
Reports indicate that "metal tools" were not utilized to prevent the train from rolling.
I can only presume that such tools are wheel chocks or sprags.
NO mention of hand brakes is made in the report.
I will await to see it the train was air brake or vacuum system, such not being mentioned.
And, were there actually a total of 7 employees on the train ?
Another interesting incident report to peruse once published.
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