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Two trains hit trucks on crossings in USA

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Old 3rd April 2018, 19:07
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Two trains hit trucks on crossings in USA

Two trains hit trucks on crossings in Georgia, US

Two different trains have smashed into lorries stuck on rail crossings in the space of three days in the US state of Georgia.
Both truck drivers were able to escape before their vehicles were hit, although one other person was taken to hospital with minor injuries after the second incident.


The Old Git, Syd
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Old 4th April 2018, 09:44
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Thanks for that Syd.

They look like unsupervised full-barrier crossings.

It's a dilemna. If you have half barriers (like we do) the vehicle/pedestrians can escape if the first barrier drops behind them whilst they're on the crossing. BUT - silly beggars who can't wait for a few minutes will slalom through on the 'wrong' side.

On the other hand, if you have full barriers it stops the herberts but traps people on the crossing.

In the UK we do have some cctv remotely monitored crossings, but it means a signaller has to take time out to watch throughout the barrier lowering process - and they are busy controlling trains.

Perhaps the answer is to have all crossings video recorded? Then we can see if the timing is at fault, or the users.

Of course this is no help to the dead, but other than locking stupid people in their homes, what can we do?

Cheers, BW.
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Old 6th April 2018, 00:47
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Note the sign at 00.03, "No Trucks"!

Regards, 62440.
PLEASE stay the right side of the fence or STEAM on the main line will be a thing of the past! It's up to you!
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two trains hit trucks

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