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Spa Valley Railway 25th Anniversary Gala

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Old 23rd August 2022, 20:44
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Spa Valley Railway 25th Anniversary Gala

Sorry for not posting earlier, but this weekend sees a pretty impressive gala at the Spa Valley Railway, marking the 25th Anniversary of reopening the Tunbridge Wells West-Groombridge section of the railway.
The event takes place from Friday 26th-Monday 29th August & features a mix of steam & diesel locomotives, both visitors & from the home fleet.
Star guests are BR 4MT 4-6-0 No.75069 (from the other SVR!), which is making a bit of a homecoming, having been photographed on 75F (Tunbridge Wells West) depot in BR days; and BR(S) West Country pacific No.34092 'City of Wells' (from the ELR), another class which visited the line in the BR era.
CR class 812 0-6-0 No.828, visiting the Spa Valley from Strathspey until October, will also be in action.
Visiting diesels are BR class 24 D5054 'Phil Southern' (also from the ELR), class 25 D7612 (from the SDR) & GBRf class 73/1 No.73141 'Charlotte'.
Home fleet diesels class 31 No.31430, class 33/0 No.33063 & class 73/1 No.73140 will also be running over the weekend.
On Sunday 28th, after the end of the timetabled trains at 18:00, a cavalcade comprising of all of the above locos, plus spare engine Hunslet 0-6-0 No.2890, will run over the full length of the line to Eridge & back.
And on the Saturday evening, BR class 207 (Thumper) DeMU No.1317 will be running as well.




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