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Need to loan a Railway Layout / Layouts

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Old 4th March 2014, 23:16
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Need to loan a Railway Layout / Layouts

Can any one help? - We are looking to loan a model railway layout (or more) for the weekend 29th/30th November 2014 when we hope to be hosting a railway weekend featuring talks and pictures, memoribilia of the "North East Lancs Loop line" which ran from Rose Grove (Burnley) via Padiham, Great Harwood to Blackburn and was discontinued in the 1960`s.
The Venue will be at Churchfield House, Great Harwood, Near Blackburn Lancashire BB67RE.


There are about 3 rooms upstairs which can be used approx 5mts square and a larger double room down stairs approx 9mts x 4 mts were the talks will probably could take place ( although being an all day event could be moved to a smaller side room depending on people attending at the time.)
If you think you can help or know anyone who could help please contact us in the first instant (Sandra - my Wife) on 07784 331 838

thxs John Robinson

Have a look at
for lots more pictures
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