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New Hornby Hall

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Old 4th March 2015, 18:44
2TATrains 2TATrains is offline  
Join Date: Oct 2013
Location: Northampton
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New Hornby Hall

Hornby Hall, is it any good... well lets see:



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Old 5th March 2015, 13:05
John H-T's Avatar
John H-T John H-T is offline
Station Manager
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Sorry I don't have time to watch the video at present but the Railroad version has already received good reviews.

I am waiting for the Bachmann version of Rood Aston Hall in the "Shakespeare Express" train pack as it is in the as preserved state with low sided 3,500 gall tender and GWR Livery. With Hornby's Earl of Mount Edgecombe, also due soon, Clun Castle (renamed from Inche Castle) and the Bachmann Collectors Club Kolhapur in LMS Livery already in my collection, I will have quite a good line up of the Tyseley Locos. Plus of course "Lizzie"
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Old 10th March 2015, 15:56
Toddington Ted's Avatar
Toddington Ted Toddington Ted is offline  
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Originally Posted by 2TATrains View Post
Hornby Hall, is it any good... well lets see:


Well, I'm grateful for your review, even though it clearly shows that this is just a Railroad Hall in smarter packaging. It certainly seemed to run very well and the finish looked OK to me from what I saw on the video. However, I'm going to take your advice and buy a Railroad Hall I think. I do already own 2 Halls but one is a Wills kit that was built for me back in the 1980s and the other is a Bachmann Hall that I bought on a well-known auction site. Both are very good but I still think I might go for a Hornby Railroad Hall too. As you say, its not expensive to detail a Railroad model up if you want to and I might well do that. Thank you for posting the review.
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Old 11th March 2015, 10:34
Silver Fox Phil's Avatar
Silver Fox Phil Silver Fox Phil is offline  
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Having reviewed your link I agree that for the cost it should be of a higher quality than that of the usual railroad version. I would be disappointed with that too. However it does run very well and to the uninitiated looks every bit a great model.
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