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model locos worth 10,000 stolen

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Old 19th October 2005, 18:32
Deltic Deltic is offline
Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: England
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model locos worth 10,000 stolen

Police are investigating a new Great Train Robbery after model locos worth more than 10,000 were stolen from a museum shop.
Thieves broke into the Conwy Valley Railway Museum in Betws y Coed and took 12 Basset-Lowke 1:42 scale O-Gauge electric locomotives worth 700 each.

They also stole 20 N-Gauge locos worth 80 each, and a brass loco worth 470.

Museum owner Colin Cartwright said he believed the models were stolen to order.

"These models are produced only once a year, so we can't replace them. They really are rare pieces," he said.

The models taken included a Southern, a Princess Helena Victoria, and a rare red Princess Elizabeth.

North Wales Police is investigating the burglary, which took place last weekend.

BBC Friday, 14 October 2005

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Old 24th October 2005, 12:42
Steve's Avatar
Steve Steve is offline  
Fat Controller
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I still have a complete hornby set from 1958 in its box I only played with it twice I think!!
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Old 11th November 2005, 17:36
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dario dario is offline  
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Location: rome,italy
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I still have my first Rivarossi train set (Xmas 1956):Little Joe Saddle Tank, Gondola and Bobber Caboose, damaged and without box and track, because I played with it many times. Of couse I have more valuable locos but if I lost this would leave me more upset. A consideration is thet there are modellers so greedy and egoist to commission burglaries. Even the case of the Maerklin Museum robbery lead police to people in the Venice region so wealthy to afford commissioning such a crime. Lately here in Rome a private collector alone suffered a loss comparable to the first in the thread. Fortunately you friends that read me, I know that as you are willing to share the hobby in the Forum, you and me are entirely different from these despeakable persons. Good bye from Dario
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Old 16th November 2005, 13:54
Nvincer's Avatar
Nvincer Nvincer is offline  
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Location: Shadoxhurst, Ashford, Kent
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My sympathys go to the Conwy Valley Museum. I know that there was a large break in at the Sittingbourne and Kemsley Light Railway at Kemsley Down station and a load of oo gauge stock was taken from there aswell - it must be really gutting when something like that happens

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