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1906-1915 Steam Loco Log Book

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Old 13th June 2018, 05:01
Metalman Metalman is offline
Join Date: Jun 2018
Location: Wisconsin
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1906-1915 Steam Loco Log Book

New to this forum but have always had a love of trains. I decided to join this forum to see if anyone can tell me if this book I found at an estate sale has any value or if it should go to a railroad museum.
The book is a steam locomotive inspection journal with inspection dates of 1906 to 1915.
It lists the complete inspection date, boiler pressure, repairs completed,loco class and loco number, the yard the inspection took place and manufacture date of loco etc.
It is a thick leather bound journal about 10x14” and 2.5” thick. It is held together by brass rivets on the binding.
With the yard locations listed I believe this is probably from Chicago & Northwestern.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Old 18th June 2018, 19:38
TRP's Avatar
TRP TRP is online now  
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2009
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Sounds interesting and could be worth something to the right person, but it is obviously an incredibly specialist item, so you would have to find a specialist place to sell.
Otherwise, a railroad museum would very likely be interested - I notice that you are in Wisconsin and therefore you have the US National Railroad Museum in the same state at Green Bay. I would suggest that making contact with them would be a good starting point.

Good luck!
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Old 20th June 2018, 06:24
aussiesteve's Avatar
aussiesteve aussiesteve is offline
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G'day Metalman,
As Tony commented, I am sure that some US rail historical society may be interested in the book.
The C&NW society especially.
As to the value of the book, well that depends upon just how many collectors might be interested.
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Old 21st June 2018, 06:26
Master Cutler's Avatar
Master Cutler Master Cutler is offline  
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Hi Metalman, it may be worth contacting these people if you want a valuation and potential sale;


Good luck with your endeavours.
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