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BHP runs away

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Old 9th November 2018, 05:32
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G'day All,
Yeh, no Xmas bonus for BHP bods.
Train derailments in the Pilbara are spectacular.
I remember one occurring in the Hamersley Iron yard at 7 mile (7 miles inland from Dampier WA) during me visitation in 1995.
Got quickly escorted out of the premises so that no pickies could be shot of the mess.
The Yank Unstoppable flick was based loosely on a fair dinkum event.
But, Hollywood creative licence got carried away in that flick.
Run away Train was another much earlier attempt at creative railroad prangs.
The best by far is Trouble at Troublesome, the film docco about the D&RGW collision at Troublesome crossing loop in the 1950s.
This flick was made as a tutorial, so was very accurate in presentation.
Well worth viewing if you can find a DVD copy of it.

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