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Old 4th May 2018, 23:46
lollybamber lollybamber is offline  
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Smile Hello

Hi there. Thank you for allowing me to join the forum. My recently deceased father was a very keen Railway and London transport enthusiast having a vast collection of books, models and other miscellaneous items. I would appreciate any advice on finding a new home for his collection as sadly I donít follow my fathers interest. I am in the Essex area - does anyone know of any collectors or auction houses in this area that my be interested in these items? Any suggestions or advice will be welcomed. Thank you in advance. Lorraine

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Old 5th May 2018, 06:32
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I'm not familiar with the area, but model shops tend to pay quite well for second hand stuff, and in my experience, this is the best way to sell them, as you are allowing other enthusiasts the opertunity of adding to their collection for a fair price.

Also, eBay tends to get alot of traffic, so that's always a good option too.
Hope this helps, Robyn.
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