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Sulzer theme day

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Old 24th January 2019, 09:41
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Sulzer theme day

The line up for the ELR Sulzer theme day has been posted, must say i'm a bit disappointed with it apart from D5054, otherwise the usual stuff.

D5054 - first debut following overhaul

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Old 26th January 2019, 08:30
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G'day Cliff,
I would be interested to hear the sound of a Sulzer donk.
Just two Sulzer locomotive classes existed down-under.
Both narrow gauge and operated by the Commonwealth Railways.
The first, the NSU class A1A-A1A 850 hp built by BRC&W in the UK from 1954.
The second, the NT class Co-Co 1300 hp built by Tulloch Ltd NSW from 1968.
All 14 of the NSU remain, but only a couple are preserved in operational condition.
Only one of the NT remains.
During my trek to Alice Springs in 2001, I did squiz three of the NSU class.
The pair rusting to the rails at Marree and one at the Original Ghan museum.
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