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Freightliner halts electric traction on freight !!

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Old 15th October 2021, 11:39
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Freightliner halts electric traction on freight !!

The shocking rise in electricity prices has sparked some rail freight operators into a startling scenario. Electric locomotives are to be stopped and operators will resort to diesel traction instead. This would pose difficult questions for the UK and devolved governments, who lay claim to a diversified energy generation policy. It would also drive a freight train straight through decarbonisation plans.

The UK operation of the global Genesee and Wyoming corporation – Freightliner – has been first to react. “As a result of soaring prices on the UK’s wholesale electricity market, the price Network Rail charges us to operate electric train services has increased by more than 210 per cent between September and October”, says their statement. “This unprecedented rise in electricity charges has resulted in a sharp increase in the cost of operating electric freight services. As a result, Freightliner has taken the difficult decision to temporarily replace electric freight services with diesel-hauled services, in order to maintain a cost-effective option for transporting vital goods and supplies across the UK.”

Full article here :-



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Old 15th October 2021, 20:58
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Not surprising really.

Balancing carbon output, or rather - trying to, is a Peter & Paul situation.

We've shut down coal-powered power stations which produce electricity, which has indirectly forced the price up, so now Freight operators are being forced to change from electric locos to diesel.

But it's worth remembering that one diesel train still takes many diesel lorries off the road (except that there are many cases where a train can't deliver to the customer's front door).

On another front, the government has been taking back control of Train Operating Companies (ie, passenger) and will now find that the cost of running them will go through the roof.

I suspect that we'll see services being cut drastically, and timetables hacked back.

This is really sad, because prior to covid the railway was seeing significant expansion and investment. This progress is seriously at risk now.

Cheers, John
"Dad, when I grow up I want to be an train driver."
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Old 16th October 2021, 08:42
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Getting rid of or reducing electric freight traction has occurred here.
The cost of them electrons soaring, being foisted as the excuse.
But, it is also a capitalistic ploy, when the junk dangling in the atmosphere does not completely cover the rail network.
Swapping motive power and the need to have dual maintenance facilities.
The NSWR buzz boxes for freight were kyboshed in 2002.
Our pathetic 1500 vDC overhead not providing much ooomph.
The Bananabenders did expand their electrified network, mostly for coal.
At least they waited and adopted the 25 kVA dangling junk.
But, even that did not deter the downsizing of the electric traction fleet.
Privatization of bananabender freight rail opened the door for electric traction reductions.
Yes, the future does look dim.
That is until them Yankees default on their mega debt.
The Spanish Flu, the Great Depression, WW2.
History repeats, the do say.
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