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Arriva Sweden fined 500.000 SEK for accident 2013

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Old 11th February 2017, 07:54
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Arriva Sweden fined 500.000 SEK for accident 2013

Arriva was fined yesterday for Work-environment Crime (is that the correct word) for the accident where a runaway train crashed into a house in Saltsjöbaden 2013.
They accept the fine of 500 000 SEK (~52 710£).
They also shall pay 20 000 SEK (2108£) to the woman injured in the accident.



Now to some reflection.
500 000 fine for an accident that could have gotten someone killed and damaged a house and injured a woman badly?
And 20 000 to a woman that while laying in coma in the hospital was accused in world press of stealing the train when she was innocent?
Yes, money cant undo it, but still...

Railroad technician
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