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Reading Station Upgrade

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Old 13th January 2008, 12:02
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Shed Cat Shed Cat is offline
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I had a browse round the other night and found out a couple more links. Although they expalain a bit more about the junction upgade, I haven't found out much about the station itself. At least they dont seem to be proposing to flatten it and rebuild it "Euston style"

(The Network-rail schematics on the Railfreight site are badly in need of a tidy-up..........)



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Old 2nd March 2009, 17:29
jaimemarley jaimemarley is offline  
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Reading station upgrade

Does anyone know of any of the main contractors that have been awarded the work by network rail for this project?

Help would be greatly appreciated
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Old 2nd March 2009, 18:18
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Corus has the design contract, WSP are the structural engineers and Grimshaw are the architects -

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Old 2nd March 2009, 20:00
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Allay those Shock/Horror reactions, Reading West is NOT closed, merely that cross country trains don't stop there any more, hence neccessary reversal at Reading (ex-General). While we're at it, how about an electrification scheme that connected BOTH ENDS of Reading station, connecting with SWT routes to Bournemouth, and more importantly, Portsmouth; it used to be a piece of cake to travel between Portsmouth and Reading using a single train, both via Eastleigh AND Guildford (when through trains from a variety of places ran there). Now that WOULD be a welcome return of a useful service. That might open up a range of possibilities, although I fear Reading might get even more cluttered than it already is!
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Old 22nd May 2011, 23:22
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I came over this new bridge today whilst travelling on the Thames Taff and I wondered how they moved that in - take a look at this:-


talk about thunderbirds!!
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