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Some sad news.

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Old 21st September 2017, 02:07
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Some sad news.

My first post on the forum for a while,
I'm sorry that it has to be such a sad one.
He will be much missed. R.I.P.
Much Respect.

PLEASE stay the right side of the fence or STEAM on the main line will be a thing of the past! It's up to you!
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Old 21st September 2017, 04:46
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A great railway artist and man, R.I.P. David.
Chris G6 UXU Station Manager.
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Old 21st September 2017, 09:31
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I had just read this elsewhere. Sad news indeed, but what a legacy he has left behind in railway preservation as well as wildlife conservation.


Last edited by TRP; 21st September 2017 at 21:28.
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Old 21st September 2017, 17:11
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I must agreethat hewill be sorely missed, I have spent many happy hours in his Company and have photographs of him from many occasions.

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Old 23rd September 2017, 23:36
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I didn't see that news but agree he will be sadly missed, such a talented artist.
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Old 27th September 2017, 22:25
bramleyman bramleyman is offline  
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Should have been Knighted instead of an MP who served 10 years in his constituency. David was MUCH More a deserving case. R I P David and Thank you for all you did for Preservation and wildlife.
I wouldn't say I am old, but when I was a youngster, the Dead Sea was still alive.
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Old 28th September 2017, 12:18
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I will always remember the day I met him near Longmoor just after he had bought the 9F. He very proudly showed me round the 9F and the 3MT Standard loco which he also owned. I spent about two hours in his company, much to the chagrin of my wife and three little girls at the time. A truly memorable man in many ways. R.I.P. David.
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