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Railway museums closing

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Old 13th August 2017, 21:09
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Railway museums closing

Two railway museums are closing.

The Electric Railway Museum in Coventry is set to close in October (last open day October 8th), whilst the Penrhyn Quarry Railway closed suddenly without notice in mid-July.



I don't know either of these railways (not having visited either) but it's sad to lose railways or museums like this. Of course, we saw Snibston close last year as well.


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Old 14th August 2017, 15:01
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Unfortunately, financial considerations trump sentiment. Currently there are too many museums that are not, and never will be, viable commercially. The original founders of these museums, driven by sentiment and their love of all things railway, are unfortunately dying out and those following them have not got the required deep pockets. Over the next couple of decades there will be a necessary contraction of the railway museum sector until the dozen or so left might be viable. Look at other sector museums, Motor & Bus, Canal etc. to see how they have undergone rationalisation to understand the possible future.
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