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Hello - Your experience matters!

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Old 26th May 2019, 12:32
UXRail UXRail is offline  
Join Date: May 2019
Location: Loughborough
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Hello - Your experience matters!

Hello train enthusiasts,

Have you ever felt angry or frustrated or happy in a rail station while you were waiting for your train? Your stories and experiences can enhance your waiting experience. Your opinion is very significant and as a User-Experience designer, I am so keen to take into consideration any suggestions you might have.

Who am I?

I'm Chris, currently enrolled in the User Experience Master's degree at Loughborough University. Coming from Cyprus and living in Midlands for my studies, add to my passion of exploring British culture and travelling. Thus, I became a rail fan! For my major project, I am working on passenger’s waiting experience at the train station, in order to improve the quality of their time spent, while waiting for their next train.

I hope your enthusiasm for improving your time at the train station, is as much as mine!
I appreciate your effort and time for sharing your thoughts and opinion while waiting at the train station.

Click below for only a 15-20 minutes survey!

Waiting Passenger Experience - Google Form

Thank you,
Chris Andreou

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Old 26th May 2019, 19:06
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Master Cutler Master Cutler is offline  
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Hi Chris, I have completed the survey but can only relate it to my experiences of recent train journeys and destinations, mainly between London and the North or the Midlands and North Wales.
Welcome to the forum and I hope your studies go well.
My eldest daughter did her masters in Transport and Sustainability at Leeds University and now has an excellent job with a national rail company in Manchester.
I spent some time many years ago with the IPTME at Loughborough University and can highly recommend it as a place of learning.
All the best for the future.
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Old 27th May 2019, 10:41
UXRail UXRail is offline  
Join Date: May 2019
Location: Loughborough
Posts: 3
Thank you so much!

I really appreciate your time and effort to share your experiences. We need people like your daughter with skills and knowledge to improve the quality of our lives because transport is an important part of it. Loughborough University is brilliant.. I have the feeling that I made the best choice!
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