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Video: World's Largest Steam Locomotive in Action!

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Old 1st August 2019, 08:34
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We have hundreds of Yankee Marines invading our top end, at Darwin.
So, I definitely was not about to correct the Doctor about his solo coal burner soot belcher comment.
Finally got to the local library yesterday and snavelled the You Tuber clip of the Uncle Pete Big Boy.
Yep, ya gotta say Impressive, the Big Boy dwarfs out monster soot belcher AD6029.
I certainly hope that the Doctor was not steering his car while shooting video out the window.
Everyone in Minnesota state musta been out chasing the thing.
Hoards of nutters everywhere.

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Old 1st August 2019, 19:52
hereward hereward is offline  
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Can you include the UK in the tour?
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