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Hello everybody from TrainRM !

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Old 6th January 2019, 20:03
romanomolter romanomolter is offline
Join Date: Jan 2019
Location: milano-italy
Posts: 2
Hello everybody from TrainRM !


I am a 50 year old german railwayfan based in Italy, I started filming in 1988, so on my Youtube-channel you can find even historic videos from around Europe, since I lived in a lot of places. Actually I edited 35% of my archive, so enjoy, here´s the channel:


I now was the first time in UK, around Leeds, and it was amazing for a "newcomer"! I have much more waiting for editing, so see yourself:


Thank you!

Romano Mölter

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Old 6th January 2019, 21:40
DSY011's Avatar
DSY011 DSY011 is offline  
Station Manager
Join Date: Nov 2005
Location: BRISTOL U.K.
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Images: 547
Hello romanomolter and welcome to the Railway Forum. I enjoyed the videos you posted. Also good to see that your family are also Railway Fans.
The Old Git, Syd
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Old 6th January 2019, 22:01
romanomolter romanomolter is offline
Join Date: Jan 2019
Location: milano-italy
Posts: 2
Thank you for appreciating!
And yes, having a big collection of everything around railways, thousands of books, models, slides, etc, I think i am blessed to have someone who will have interest and care for all this when i´m gone!
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Old 6th January 2019, 22:18
G6 UXU's Avatar
G6 UXU G6 UXU is online now  
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Hello Romano and welcome to the forum, enjoy and all the best.
Chris G6 UXU Station Manager.
truckandbusforum.com birdforum.net
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