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South Devon loco swap

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Old 1st October 2018, 22:36
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South Devon loco swap

The Dartmouth Steam Railway are swapping their class 25 D7535 'Mercury' with the South Devon Diesel Traction Ltd.'s class 37 D6975. The switch will happen during October - D6975 is moving to the Dartmouth line on 5th October and there is a diesel running day on the 6th, which will feature both of these locos and class 03 shunter 03371. After this, D7535 will move to the SDR during w/c 12th October.
It is reported that the class 37 is more suited to the heavier-loaded trains on the Paignton-Kingswear line than the class 25.
The transfer of D7535 to the SDDT Ltd. makes it the third class 25 in their fleet of diesels (along with D7612 & D7541), plus class 33 D6501 and class 122 Bubble car No.55000.


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