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Our Mexicans and that funny green weed

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Old 18th January 2020, 07:46
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Our Mexicans and that funny green weed

An interesting SPAD report from the ATSB.
I guess yet another vote for the introduction of ATP.
It also highlights the difference in drugs testing methods, oral versus urine.
I am wondering just what might occur in regard to the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes.
I remember the banishment of Sudafed hayfever medication some years ago.
The use of such potentially causing drowsiness.
Pseudoephedrine not only potentially causing drowsiness, but also being an ingredient in an illicit drug.
Ah well, at least the driverless Metro in smog hollow dosen't suffer from hayfever or nicotine withdrawal.

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Old 18th January 2020, 15:30
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You Steve.

No need for ATP - just stick some trap-points beore the start of the single line. Messy, but effective.

If the driver had traces of wobbly-weed in his system, it's difficult to feel any sympathy for him. I'm told that blood chemistry can differentiate between active and passive intake.

My company has a policy that you MUST inform the shift manager of ANY drugs/medicines you have taken when you book on duty. They then ring Aldermarston which runs a drug register of almost all worldwide drugs. You can't drive til you get the all clear, so they like us to give them a few hours' warning.

They won't let you take Night Nurse within 48 hours of a turn, which is a shame because I find it works really well for me when I have a streaming cold. Like being coshed with a brick.

If at any time you are given a drug/alcohol test and they find something you didn't declare, you'll probably be down the road. Especially if it's a drowsy type medication.

I even had to tell them when I was on the Atkins diet, which to be honest did have some strange neurological and physiological effects. You don't eat any carbohydrates, and I once foolishly succumbed to a bag of chips. It made me float on clouds for 10 minutes, but fortunately was on a Rest Day.

It's a funny old world.

Cheers, BW.
"Mum, I want to be a Train Driver when I grow up."
Sorry son, you can't do both!"

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Old 19th January 2020, 06:32
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G'day BW,
Crikey a bag of chips sent yer eyes spinning.
Must be all that lard they is cooked in and salt that you Poms shovel over yer chips.
I've heard that them lot north of the border where they wears kilts even deep fries their Mars bars.
Catch Points (Trap points) are generally not a facet of Mexican (ours) safe working UNLESS there be a lot of over-run distance ahead of the stick.
Them Mexicans having SPEED signalling, not Route Controlled like us cockroach country lot.
And, them Mexicans do get along on their broad gauge.
Ah but it made me appreciate the sedate progress in Tassiemania.
Max speed on the South line being 60 kph, and there weren't much of that.
Average speed was 45 kph.
Yes, the job is vastly different to the days that I enjoyed.
But, I definitely don't believe that the railway alcohol and drugs problem is anywhere near as bad as it is on our roads.
Melbourne has the record for the highest amount of Chrystal Meth abuse in the country.
They regularly tests the Melbourne sewerage treatment plants and discover the ingredients.
PEW, wouldn't want that job.
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