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Thanks for that Steve.

Just had another look at the report.

Looks like the "Swiss Cheese Effect" may have happened here. Lots of small variables all lining up. For example

"The co-driver’s seat was rotated 180⁰. The co-driver was relied upon to convey observations to the driver because the driver’s view was obscured on the right side of the locomotive. When the co-driver was positioned this way, they could no longer reliably operate the emergency brake valve without moving from their seat."


"On LET0, the tutor driver’s temporary seat was positioned as shown in Figure 9. They were facing rearward in relation to the direction of travel and had no forward view."

Just as a question Steve, do those locos slide much if you drop the handle when they're running light engine?

Hope yer keeping safe and the weather is improving, best wishes John.
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