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G'day BW,
I am only guessing at the loco class, as being the train number identity stated.
I am not sure how the QR mob identify Light Engine movements.
But, the number stated could refer to a specific locomotive.
Most of the QR weasel motive power are hood units.
Another facet that always intrigued me, the driver generally squats on the right hand side of the cab.
Whereas on double track, train running is left hand and consequently signals placed generally on the left had side.
DOO (driver only operation) did require some alterations to hood units.
Including having the high nose chopped for forward vision.
The Westwood Loop is also an interesting design.
A central loop positioned between the two running roads Down and UP direction.
I am eager to espy the signalling arrangement for this loop.
Will just hafta await the ATSB final report to detail just what transpired.
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