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fatal collision in Queensland

Our ATSB is investigating a collision between a light engine and coal train.
The light engine was being utilized for driver training.
The light engine collided with the rear of a coal train at Westwood loop.
This being in the Rockhampton region of Queensland.
The light engine was being operated long hood leading.
One of the three occupants of the light engine was fatally injured, another seriously.
The collision impact damaging five coal hoppers on the stationary train.
I am not sure if this region is signalled or worked under DTC safeworking.
But, regardless, it highlights the reduced vision afforded when running long hood leading.
The light engine movement is identified as 2471.
This is probably the class of the locomotive, being a 1980 built EMD GL22C-2.
The 2470 class were converted to Driver Only Operation.
This probably involved the removal of the second control stand.
Driver Only designated locos NOT permitted to work long hood leading unless a second person rode in the cab.
Three crew were in the cab of this incident.
A tragic incident.
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