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G'day Zule and BW,
The terminology that we become accustomed to is generally that which we are exposed to.
For example, I am more familiar with the term; GROUND RELAY, as opposed to EARTH LINK.
Prior to my transfer to Tasmania in 2004, only the Pommy Merto Vickers NSWR 46 class Butter Boxes had an Earth Link.
Naturally down in Tassie, I had to get accustomed to the English Electric Z, ZA, ZB, ZP and ZR classes.
All USRR locomotive manufacture and foreign manufacture under licence, a switch is flicked UP for ON, Down for OFF.
Again, prior to my transfer in 2004, only the 46 class had switches flicked DOWN for ON.
I discovered that I possess a Downer EDI Locomotive manual (as distinct from an Operators manual) for a GT46C-ACe.
In which the electrical cabinet is referred to as the Electrical Locker.
But, with all other material scrounged, the term that I am familiar with; Electrical Cabinet is utilized.
Unfortunately, the locomotive manual does not offer any info about the actual operation of that locomotive.
The other two sources of AC traction info that I have referred to are from PDF files available on the www.
If you desire to delve any deeper into AC traction control, you should be able to google these;
1434535963431-AC-AC Traction system.pdf
IHHA 2001_Swenson.pdf
There would be much more available out there if you have ample time to google.
I have only worked DC traction locomotives.
I understand the process of notching up on a DC traction locomotive.
Naturally the AC traction process is similar, but involves much more electronics, which I am not familiar with.
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