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Retail in Spanish train stations in 1937

  • Did major train stations in Spain have shops in their concourses in January 1937?
  • If so, what form did they take (kiosks? wagons? fixed-size stores?).
  • What kinds of products did they sell?

Background: in Bluejay Rises, first in the Kate DeWitt Adventures (I hope) series, Kate, our tarnished aviatrix-heroine, takes a train from Merida to Seville in Spain and arrives at San Bernardo station. Because of the concussion she suffered from having her plane shot down and because of the strain of traveling behind enemy lines, Kate's in need of a digestif to keep her stomach from rebelling. I currently have her buying a bottle of Schweppes and a tourist map at a sundries shop in Seville's station. But would such a shop have existed?

Drawing inferences from other nations' stations may be interesting but invalid given that Spain was considered "backward" compared to other European nations at the time. Thanks in advance for your help.

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