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G'day Tonyharker,
I am a disgruntled old bloke who is disrespectful to many things.
Soot belchers might be good to look at and take for a ride these days.
But, I doubt that many engineman would have enjoyed them during the so called glory days.
A steam era engineman was a different breed to that of today.
Yes, the sole time that I swung the banjo, I did mostly have fun.
Mind you, I had little idea of what I was doing.
But, I doubt I would have lasted for very long as an engineman if only puffer billies existed on the roster.
Oh, and the nickname of Pig for the C36 class was how enginemen referred to them.
It has stuck through the years with rail fans.
Nanny comes from the original alphabetic classification for the NSWR.
The C35 class originally being the NN class.
The P class was the original classification for the C32 class 4-6-0.
The C36 class appeared after the NSWR changed to a numerical classification.

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