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Master Cutler 11th September 2020 10:59

Blue Pullman Comes Back
Midland Pullman have reinstated their Blue Pullman service for charter specials;

Sat 14 November 2020
London St Pancras, St Albans, Luton, Bedford
The Midland Pullman was Britainís first luxury high speed diesel-electric train running in the early 1960ís. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of this iconic train we are honoured to present our own refurbished high speed train as a faithful revival , this will be our inaugural train before offering further tours in 2021 throughout Britain.

My eldest Daughter is treating me and has booked us both onto this inaugural trip for one of the London-Manchester-London tours in November, so something to look forward to during these strange days of COVID and lock-downs.

Beeyar Wunby 11th September 2020 19:50

Strange timing. Inaugral trip in the middle of Corona. Wil it pay for itself under Social Distancing ?

Good luck to them anyway, love to see this come back.


TRP 11th September 2020 20:20

The revived Blue Pullman is being run by Locomotive Services Ltd. under their Statesman Rail brand, using an HST, repainted into the Midland Pullman livery from the 60s.
LSL have been the first to resume railtours following the lockdown (as Saphos Trains & Statesman Rail) and were quoted in the railway press at the time as saying that they can manage financially at 60% loadings and that they can make the social distancing work.
Anyway, it looks like a good venture and hope you enjoy your trip MC.




Beeyar Wunby 11th September 2020 22:18

Thanks for the info Tony. And doesn't the HST look great in blue/white?

Nom nom nom :D

Master Cutler 12th September 2020 09:31

Thanks for the responses folks, I will report back on how it all goes after my trip.

Unfortunately we wont take the Monsal Dale Midland route of the original BP from the Ambergate Triangle, for obvious reasons, but will do the Sheffield Edale route through the Peak District.

Beeyar Wunby 13th September 2020 18:02


Originally Posted by Master Cutler (Post 94414)
Thanks for the responses folks, I will report back on how it all goes after my trip.

Good stuff. Could you take some photos? I'd love to see her close up.

Cheers, BW.

Memma12 14th September 2020 04:53

Enjoy the trip - I'd love to see some pics too!

Master Cutler 26th October 2020 19:33


Originally Posted by Memma12 (Post 94420)
Enjoy the trip - I'd love to see some pics too!

Latest update is now a round trip missing Manchester due to covid, so there may be a few more scenic pictures as the route now takes in the East Midlands.
Hope to post a few.

LES GIBSON 26th October 2020 22:45

This deserves to work! That HST looks great in the Blue Pullman livery.

pre65 26th October 2020 23:01

There is some info, and a picture here.


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