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RogerFarnworth 24th April 2020 13:25

The Cheltenham and Gloucester Tramroad
After spending a bit of time reading Neil Parkhouse's recent series on the railways of Gloucestershire - entitled "British Railway History in Colour" and published by The Lightmoor Press, I have stared looking at the ancient tramroad which served Gloucester Docks and Cheltenham and Leckhampton Hill (3ft 6 in gauge). There is an excellent little book about this by David Bick. The first post in this short series focusses on the remote end of the branch-line which served Leckhampton Quarries. A small part of the tramroad outside the quarry boundaries remained in use up until the turn of the 20th Century.


RogerFarnworth 2nd May 2020 19:45

I have just completed the second part of a journey along the Gloucester and Cheltenham Tramroad. This length runs from the bottom of Leckhampton Hill to the junction with the Tramroad's main line to the Northeast of what is now Cheltenham Railway Station.


RogerFarnworth 8th May 2020 17:41

The Gloucester and Cheltenham Tramroad - Part 3. ....

This length of the tramroad takes us from central Cheltenham to the suburbs of Gloucester. ....


RogerFarnworth 12th May 2020 07:55

This is the final instalment of the articles about the Gloucester and Cheltenham Tramroad. Part 4 covers the length which ran through the City of Gloucester to the Docks. ......


RogerFarnworth 20th September 2021 20:52

This is a short post about the Cheltenham end of the tramroad. It highlights exuberant reflections on the Leckhampton Quarries by Humphrey Household. ....

[URL unfurl="true"]http://rogerfarnworth.com/2021/09/16/the-gloucester-and-cheltenham-tramroad-an-addendum/[/URL]

While on holiday in the Forest of Dean in September 2021, I picked up a secondhand copy of "Gloucestershire Railways in the Twenties" by Humphrey Household. [1] It consists of a review of the development of the railways in Gloucestershire supported by a series of photographs which were predominantly taken in the 1920s by Humphrey Household. The photos are a significant resource. The text of the book is well-written. Its final two chapters were of real interest to me.

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