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pre65 12th May 2022 13:27

More Royal Mail cross border traffic.
Royal Mail, the British postal service, is to double its daily rail logistics operation between England and Scotland, making its Shieldmuir depot in Motherwell near Glasgow busier than ever in this century. The announcement of three additional daily services will ramp up traffic to around 600,000 parcels a day. The news has been heralded as a vindication of the light logistics movement for rail.

Reports say that Royal Mail will add three new trains to their existing services between England and Scotland within a year. Currently, dedicated trains run between the mail depot in Willesden in northwest London, the sorting office in Warrington in northwest England and Shieldmuir in Central Scotland. The new services will run from Royal Mailís purpose-built facility at the Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal (DIRFT) to Shieldmuir, just south of the passenger station, directly adjacent to the West Coast Main Line. The overnight paths will avoid busy long-distance passenger services and intensive commuter traffic around London and Glasgow.

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