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muzza 4th May 2018 11:15

new sidings?
I have been taking the train to Euston these last 10 years and on passing over the A406 just South of Wembley on the west side, I always saw an old shunted ( I think ) in a siding that ended next to the A406 underpass.
It was there up until a couple of years ago when it " disappeared".
Since then tons of top soil have been trucked in and the area had been raised by several metres.

What is being built there, is it connected to HS2 and what became of the shunter.
The location is just North the McVities factory

62440 12th May 2018 23:15

EWS or DB (whichever they were at the time) withdrew all their class 08's in one fell swoop a couple of years back, they reckoned the loco hauling the train could do any necessary shunting, if it was one of theirs it's either been sold for preservation or for scrap.

Regards, 62440

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