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Rick A 4th October 2019 19:44

CSX Freightyard Framingham,Ma USA
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I poked my head in to the CSX freight yard today and the yardmaster was nice enough to let me wander around and take some pictures. I don't know what a couple of the cars are. Specifically the yellow one with the "missile" like object mounted on the front.

Rick A 4th October 2019 19:46

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Here are a few more.

Rick A 4th October 2019 19:51

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And a couple more.

Beeyar Wunby 4th October 2019 23:25

Hi Rick.

Thanks for the pics, I love those thumping great American locos.

The first pic looks like a jet engine, though I would have thought that it would need far more 'plumbing' of cables and tubes if it were to actually run. Very strange. Perhaps it's a travelling test bed?

The 4th and 5th pics look like a railhead applicator of some sort - though it doesn't look like it could travel far enough to be used for the low adhesion season (aka The Fall)

Cheers, BW

JEB-245584/2 4th October 2019 23:35

The hazard symbol on the 4th and 5th shots is for Liquid Petroleum Gas, surely it can't be for weed control can it?

Cheers John

JEB-245584/2 4th October 2019 23:44

The "missile " one is labelled with the HazChem symbol for Kerosene. Wouldn't want to be standing in front of that if its lit!!

Cheers John

Beeyar Wunby 4th October 2019 23:57

Yes I've just had a rethink.

I believe that the big yellow snow plough is a clue. Do you usually get much snow in Framingham?

I now reckon pic 1 is a Snow Blower / melter. John's mention of the Kerosene kinda points to that and makes me think it's a giant blow torch/fan. There is an end cap nearest the camera. Possibly to keep the crap out when it's stabled, and prevent birds nesting in the mechanism.

And maybe 4 & 5 applies de-icing fluid to the track, but I'm still fascinated why its wheels are so puny. Doesn't look like it goes very far.

Rick it looks like you're just gonna have to go back and ask the nice man to explain. :cool:


JEB-245584/2 5th October 2019 00:09

An average of 47 inches of snow a year BW. You could be close to the mark with a snow moving device, that end section shows the characteristics of a space heater with the rusty bit on the end.

Cheers John

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