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RogerFarnworth 16th September 2018 22:13

King's Lynn
I was 12 years old when we moved to King's Lynn in 1972 and we stayed there right through my teens until I left home for University in 1978. I have long thought about spending a little time reviewing the railway history of the town. This first post covers King's Lynn Harbour Branch which left the mainline just before that line entered the town in South Lynn


RogerFarnworth 26th September 2018 21:42

The harbour branch left the mainline South of King's Lynn. The docks branch left the mainline close to King's Lynn Station. The post below includes a very short history of the harbour and docks and then covers the length of the branch from the station to John Kennedy Road.


RogerFarnworth 1st October 2018 22:11

The second part of a study on the Docks Branch in King's Lynn. ......


This post covers the area around the Alexandra Dock. A further post will follow to cover the railways around the Bentinck Dock.

Beeyar Wunby 2nd October 2018 05:45

Hi Roger. Thank you for this excellent series of articles on Kings Lynn. It's been very interesting and informative. I came here 7 years ago from Kent, and lodged for a year in the flats at Trinity Key, just along from the docks.

Some of my colleagues here were Secondmen at KL when freight trains still worked into the docks, and a good friend of mine was a signaller at Lynn Harbour Jn in its last years.

The only thing I don't think you've mentioned is the little branch into Campbells Meadows. Do you have any info/pics of that ? (Apologies if I missed it).

Best wishes, BW.

RogerFarnworth 2nd October 2018 07:55

Hi Beeyar Wunby

I think you are referring to the link to the Campbell's Plant in South Lynn. I have not covered that yet. I have been asked elsewhere about covering the siding to the Sugar Beet Factory, which I also gave not looked at yet. The next post will be about the lines and industry around the Bentinck Dock. I tend to go for posts that interest me as you will see if you look around my blog the range if railway posts is quite ecclectic.

Best wishes


bramleyman 3rd October 2018 00:38

If required, I possess a B&W photo of the line towards the docks and taken when I lived close by years ago.

RogerFarnworth 3rd October 2018 08:19

Hi Bramleyman
I'd love to see the picture if possible.
Best wishes

Beeyar Wunby 4th October 2018 11:30

2 Attachment(s)
OK Roger, I look forward to the next installment.

Somewhere on my PC I have some pics of Lynn Harbour Jn as it is nowadays. Naturally I can't find them now I need them. I'll keep on searching.

In the meantime I took some snappy snaps of Lynn Jn box.

The first pic is of Tennysons Avenue full-barrier crossing. You can see the new 'parade' of shops that was built recently.

The second photo is of the throat, where you can see the simplified approach to the yard. The left hand line leads to the platforms, whilst the right unwired one routes round the back of Morrisons' car park towards the docks - now a dead-end with just a pair of turnround sidings for the sand train.

Best wishes, BW.

RogerFarnworth 4th October 2018 13:30

Thank you Beeyar Wunby, I have included these in my blog with a reference to you in the text.

Best wishes


bramleyman 4th October 2018 22:40

I will look for it ASAP for you.

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