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pre65 14th February 2017 08:31

Ferryhill steam heritage centre ?
A historic railway turntable has been removed for refurbishment in Aberdeen in the hope of attracting more steam trains.


TRP 14th February 2017 21:34

The Ferryhill Railway Heritage Trust plans to revive the former 61B Aberdeen Ferryhill Depot as a working heritage railway centre, with main line links so that locos on main line charters can access the turntable for turning and servicing at the depot. They have acquired their first steam loco last year - RSH 0-6-0T W/No.7846, built 1955. This is how I first became aware of the Ferryhill centre as the RSH tank was previously based on one of my local lines, the Spa Valley Railway.

Here's a link to their website: http://www.ferryhillrailwayht.org.uk/


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