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Old 14th May 2017, 22:51
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Deltic Missed Opportunities.

As a member for many years of the Deltic Preservation Society, I enjoy reading up on any Deltic history.
The story that always makes me take a breath is the intended compound Deltic engine where they proposed to inserted a turbo within the triangular aperture between cylinders.
The stats are quite impressive as per the following quote;

The E185 Deltic Compound was designed in 1956 using the basic 18 cylinder engine. A 12 stage axial compressor was housed inside the triangle supplying compressed air to the cylinders and combustion chamber, with the exhaust gas driving a three stage axial turbine. Unlike the Nomad the gas turbine was not coupled to the engine and acted as a super turbo charger. This version of the Deltic produced 5,300 BHP and excellent fuel consumption. However the Admiralty decided to use gas turbines despite their high fuel consumption, and lost interest in the compound Deltic.

The Deltic engines were used extensively by the the military marine engineering boat builders, but only in their standard configuration.
What a phenominal power unit they could have been if development had continued on the Compound.
Imagine two Class 55s with Compounds, 10,600 BHP trains.
It would have put a whole new meaning on the Race Horse Deltics.

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