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Old 17th January 2018, 12:33
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Hi aussiesteve

Yes, my comments were really meant for HS2 and other high-speed/intercity lines. Their trains stop for several minutes which makes it possible.

When I'm driving over commuter lines the aim is for 20 seconds as a 'door open time'. That's fine on the quieter outer stations or off-peak at the bigger ones, but it can be much longer.

And yes, there was a trial done quite a few decades ago on the Southern or South-Eastern region, can't remember which but I'm sure one of our historians can add some details.

To my mind it was a half-hearted attempt because that part of the country has the highest number of tunnels and bridges, built to the tightest of gauges.

So the train wasn't a true double-decker, more a deck-and-a-halfer. I always thought the photos reminded me of a toy dolls house, with people squashed in - smiling for the camera but looking rather uncomfortable.

I suspect the trial train was built with the best of intentions by its designers, but that the politics was the Bigwigs never really wanted it to happen.

And this is a backwards-looking country that resists change of any sort. I'm told that when the first double-decker busses were conceived in the UK there was a wave of opposition.

The more things change, the more they stay the same - as the French say.


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Old 17th January 2018, 12:40
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Those Southern double deck coaches were of Bullied's design. I had not realised that they were only withdrawn from use in October 1971.

More info here for those interested.



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Old Yesterday, 08:04
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G'day Philip and BW,
A decker and a half, HA, makes me wonder.
I will be able to google again when the local library reopens the doors jan 29th.
So, have heaps of stuff to check out, including the Southern double deckers.
Me el cheapo home www access dwindles very fast if I attempt to google and snavel large files.
Our NSW best double deckers, the V set interurbans will be replaced in the not too distant future.
I will definitely miss them, when the modern things appear.
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Old Yesterday, 11:21
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It sounds very similar to the complaints that passengers have been making about the recent new 387 and 700 commuter trains.

Originally Posted by Bulleid 4-DD Double Deck EMU Supporters Group
Extra room inside was gained by having straight sides, slightly smaller diameter wheels and by making the seating cushions less padded (4" less padding then a 4-SUB). The seats were also narrower at 16.5" (normally 18.5").

The upper windows did not open as there was not sufficient clearance, thus the unit could get very hot in summer. Forced air ventilation was installed to try to get over this.
Nothing really changes.

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Old Today, 10:58
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Originally Posted by aussiesteve View Post
G'day BW,
Double deckers are not really a solution when doorway access becomes a problem in regard to station dwell times. The NSW government in consort with the federal government here concocted what was a brilliant idea in the mid 1970s. Decentraliztion. Move people OUT of smog hollow Sydney to regional cities. Alas, the scheme faltered due to a number of reasons. I must say that I was most impressed with the French TGV double decker set that I rode in 2008. So, for long distance trains, yes, double deckers can be a viable concept. But, for suburban commuting, things just slow down too much. I thought that the UK did trail a double decker emu train some eons ago. But, found the door access problem caused delays due to added dwell times.
Swiss railways are fanatical about punctuality and they don't appear to have a problem with double-deck commuter trains. Make the doors and stairways large enough and double-deck trains will have minimal effect on dwell times. The British trains that you refer to were built to our restricted loading gauge and were horrible congested things with lots of slam doors a far cry from the modern Double-deck trains that are used throughout Mainland Europe.

My Railwayforum Gallery

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sydney metro

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