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Old 25th August 2015, 14:44
ianrail ianrail is offline  
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Fife Circle tickets

Can any Forum members in Scotland (or England) help me with a ticketing query please?

Next month I'm going to spend a few days in Scotland and expect to travel round the Fife Circle (and elsewhere) quite a bit. Is there a day ticket or any sort of Rover ticket covering just that area please? I've looked at Scotrail and the various ticket booking sites online but I'm none the wiser.

If it comes to just buying day returns, I'm guessing I'd be able to travel from Edinburgh to (say) Dunfermline one way round the circle then come back the other way round, as it were. Or am I likely to encounter some jobsworth who takes the opposite view?


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Old 25th August 2015, 19:16
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Hi Ian.

Are you there on 6th Sept? SRPS are running the 'Forth Circle' railtour with 'Union of South Africa'. Detials here:


Also the Scotrail trips over the relaunched section of the 'Waverley' route (again with 'Union of South Africa'):


Enjoy your trip,

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Old 26th August 2015, 21:07
ianrail ianrail is offline  
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Join Date: Nov 2009
Location: Reading
Posts: 314
I am certainly planning to travel on the newly reopened Waverley line, having been a member of the Campaign for Borders Rail for around 15 years now. However, I won't be up there until about the 8th as I didn't fancy the crowds that I imagine may well be there the first day or two. Love to see 60009 on the line - thanks for the timings.
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