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Old 30th January 2018, 18:37
hidian hidian is offline
Join Date: Jan 2018
Location: london
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Criterias to choose Traction Motor for Diesel-Electric Locomotive

Hello every body

I want to know how to choose a traction motor for a diesel electric locomotive, what are the parameters and criteria?
if there is a book which mention this subject please indrouce it to me.

best regards

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Old 30th January 2018, 19:07
Master Cutler's Avatar
Master Cutler Master Cutler is offline  
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2011
Location: Mansfield Notts
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A copy of The British Transport Commission 1962 "British Railways Diesel Traction Manual for Enginemen" is quite detailed if you can get a copy.
I was lucky to get an original 1962 First Impression copy for my collection.
There may be other copies available on the internet.
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Old 8th April 2018, 11:20
hidian hidian is offline
Join Date: Jan 2018
Location: london
Posts: 2
dynamic braking effort of locomotive


what does restrict maximum braking effort of ac locomotive?

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Old 8th April 2018, 21:05
Beeyar Wunby's Avatar
Beeyar Wunby Beeyar Wunby is offline  
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Wiki has an article to get you started here...Dynamic Braking
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Old 19th April 2018, 05:41
aussiesteve's Avatar
aussiesteve aussiesteve is offline
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G'day Hidian,
I have only saved this PDF and not perused it yet.
But, there may be some technical info about the limitations of AC dynamic brake.
I would assume that as with propulsion, that in dynamic brake, AC traction would provide more effort than does DC traction.
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